100+ Best Fall Captions for Instagram

Fall captions

Pumpkin spice and everything nice? Your feed will soon be filled with fall shenanigans, and you’ll find the perfect fit with one of our fall captions for Instagram!

Time to break out the fuzzy Ugg boots, flannel leggings and comfy sweaters, fall is finally here! You’ll need the best fall Instagram captions to go along with all the fun activities you’ll be doing, like going apple picking, braving the haunted houses and photo shoots at the pumpkin patch! Pair our fall captions with all your seasonal fall uploads for all the autumn likes:


Best Fall Captions

Capture all the fall feels and all the double taps with these fall captions for Instagram, Facebook or TikTok:

  • Autumn leaves and pumpkin please
  • You autumn know
  • FALLing for fall
  • Meet me under the falling leaves
  • Fall vibes
  • The apple to my pie
  • You’re the pick of the patch
  • Oh my gourd Becky, look at her pumpkin

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  • It’s cozy season
  • Lounging fireside
  • Fall is coming
  • ‘Tis the season to be FALL-y
  • Orange you glad it’s fall?
  • The most colorful season of all
  • Don’t sweat the fall stuff

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Fall Instagram Captions

Whether you’re enjoying the colorful fall leaves or sipping on a pumpkin spice latte, you’ll need some catchy, cute and funny Instagram captions to pair with your fall snaps:

  • I love fall most of all
  • It’s fall y’all
  • Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes
  • Sweater weather is better together
  • I’d like to see you s’more
  • Go home or gourd home
  • “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” — Emily Bronte
  • My favorite color is October

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  • Stay cozy
  • Hay there!
  • Don’t stop be-leafing
  • Happy Fallidays
  • Fall is my favorite F-word
  • Keep calm and fall on
  • In an autumn state of mind
  • Do you love fall? APPLE-solutely

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Pumpkin Spice Captions for Fall

Is it time for PSL yet? If pumpkin spice latte is your blood type, we’ve got the captions for you:

  • It’s officially PSL season
  • Pumpkin spicing things up
  • You are the pumpkin spice to my fall
  • Pumpkin spice lover
  • Autumn leaves and PSL, please
  • I like you a pumpkin-latte
  • What’s my blood type? Pumpkin spice
  • Spice, spice, baby

  • Runs on pumpkin-flavored coffee
  • I love you more than PSL and that’s saying a lot
  • Fall is the best excuse for pumpkin everything
  • Sorry for what I said before I had my pumpkin spice latte
  • Made with pumpkin spice and everything nice
  • I’ve never met a PSL I didn’t like
  • Blessed and pumpkin-spice obsessed

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Cute Fall Captions for Instagram

Is there a better season than fall? We didn’t think so. If you live in a hoodie from September until spring, you’ll love these cute fall captions for Instagram:

  • Sweater weather is my fav
  • Cutest pumpkin in the patch
  • Let’s get smashed!
  • September’s finest
  • All roads lead to Autumn
  • “It’s autumn in New York, it’s good to live it again.” — Ella Fitzgerald
  • Can’t reply, eating pie
  • Fire pits and cozy knits
  • Earth tones and apple scones
  • Here for the boos

  • Pile. Jump. Repeat
  • It’s fall coming back to me now
  • How ‘bout them apples?
  • What’s the cutest season? Awwtumn
  • You’re never too old to play in the leaves
  • “It’s harvest time in this little town.” — Luke Bryan
  • Goodbye summer, hello fall
  • Keep calm and stay cozy

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Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Gobble gobble, it’s turkey time! If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, pair our Thanksgiving captions with your memories this year:

  • Give thanks
  • Thankful – grateful – blessed
  • Keep calm and gobble on
  • Talk turkey to me
  • Thankful and grateful
  • I’m all about that baste
  • Turkey, pumpkin and football
  • Thanksgiving vibes
  • It’s turkey time!
  • #Stuffed
  • I came in like a Butterball
  • Leftovers are for quitters

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Fall Fashion Instagram Captions

Sweater weather is the best weather. When you’ve got your best boots and flannel ready to go, show off your fall OOTD with these fall fashion Instagram captions:

  • It’s a flannel leggings and pumpkin spice kinda day
  • Channel the flannel
  • It’s not a season, it’s a lifestyle
  • Turtlenecks and chilly treks
  • Orange is the new black
  • It’s sweater weather!
  • My favorite fall outfit is a har-VEST
  • Leaves, flannel and football are all I need
  • It’s finally hoodie season!
  • Fuzzy socks and hot cocoa
  • Long sleeves and falling leaves
  • Cozy sweater, hot coffee, falling leaves

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Fall Captions Instagram

Going for a hayride? Pair our fall captions for Instagram with all your fun fall activities this year for all the double taps:

  • I pick you!
  • Hay y’all!
  • “Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.” — Taylor Swift
  • Fall? Oh you mean football season
  • Fresh starts and fireplace sparks
  • Hello pumpkin
  • Make sure to carve out some time for me
  • Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s maple leaves

  • Fall so hard
  • All the fall feels
  • An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it at them hard enough
  • I’d tell you an autumn joke but you probably wouldn’t fall for it
  • Weather report: a light breeze and colorful leaves
  • Free fallin’
  • Happy harvest!

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fall captions

fall captions

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