19 Best COVID-19 Vaccine Selfie Captions

covid-19 vaccine captions

Want your vaxxie to go…viral? [please don’t delete us] We’ve gathered the best COVID-19 Vaccine selfie captions to show off your shot!

Getting vaccinated can be an emotional moment after this long pandemic. It’s definitely worthy of a vaxxie (a selfie of the jab)! Got your vaccine or booster and need some caption inspo? Choose one of our COVID-19 vaccine selfie captions to show off your band-aid, or even of the vaccine being administered:

Best COVID-19 Vaccine Selfie Captions

  • Vax on vax on vax
  • I’m a Modern(a) woman
  • Now loading: antibodies…
  • Hit me with your best shot
  • This selfie sponsored by Pfizer / Moderna / Johnson & Johnson
  • Sticking it to COVID-19
  • Vaccine life
  • “You only get one shot!” — Eminem
  • Couples who get vaccinated together, stay together


Funny Vaxxie Captions

  • Catching feelings, not COVID
  • Drop it like it’s shot
  • Vaxstreet’s back, alright!
  • Got the Fauci ouchie
  • Vaccine shots > tequila shots
  • Kiss me I’m vaccinated
  • Vaxxed, waxed, and looking like a snack
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
  • Felt vaccinated, might delete later
  • I woke up like this: vaccinated

covid-19 vaccine selfie captions covid-19 vaccine selfie captions

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