30 Best Little Black Dress Captions

black dress captions

When in doubt, wear a little black dress. We’ve curated the best little black dress captions for all your LBD posts!

So many little black dresses, not enough captions? We’ve got you covered! Now you can focus on accessorizing your LBD and spend less time coming up with cute things to say about it. Keep scrolling for the best little black dress captions for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more:


Best Black Dress Caption

Black dresses are a classic fashion staple that every woman should include in their wardrobe! Use these black dress captions to pair with your night out:

  • Black is my happy color
  • A dress as black as my heart
  • Black dress, black heels, black bag, black everything…
  • Keep calm and wear a black dress
  • I only wear two colors: black and noir
  • Back in black
  • On [insert day], we wear black dresses
  • I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color
  • Stars can’t shine without darkness
  • Black is my power

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Little Black Dress Captions

Be prepared for any occasion with your best little black dress and these little black dress captions:

  • Every woman should own at least one little black dress
  • A little black dress is forever
  • Note to self: get more little black dresses
  • All you need in your closet is a little black dress
  • This little black dress just cleared my skin and fixed my posture
  • Disclaimer: I’m wearing pajamas right now #latergram
  • Closet full of clothes, wears the same little black dress
  • Here’s what I look like all dressed up
  • A little black dress and a smile go a long way
  • Said yes to this little black dress

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Captions for Instagram Black Dress

As Karl Lagerfeld wisely said: “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” Pair yours with these captions for an Instagram black dress:

  • Showing off my dark side always
  • A black dress is the epitome of fashion
  • All dressed up with nowhere to go
  • Dress shopping is my cardio
  • Black dress ✅ Black heels ✅ Black heart
  • Living in this black dress forever
  • It’s black dress o’clock
  • Turning heads in this black dress
  • You can never go wrong with a black dress
  • There’s nothing basic about a black dress

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black dress captions

black dress captions

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