40 Best Sledding Captions

sledding captions

Looking for the brrr-fect caption for your sledding post? You’ve come to the right place!

Three things you must do after a good sleigh ride: make a cup of hot cocoa, curl up with a good book, and make a stellar social media post! Document all your sledding adventures with these cute and funny captions:

Best Sledding Captions

  • Sledding: good old-fashioned fun!
  • Life is better in the snow
  • The best part of a snow day? Sledding!
  • Snow days are for sledding!
  • My favorite part of a sleigh ride is the hot cocoa after!
  • A winter to remember!
  • Hello, winter!
  • It doesn’t look it, but I’m freezing
  • A good friend never lets you go sledding alone!
  • Sled. Bed. Repeat.
  • Keep calm and wait for snow
  • It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!
  • When life gives you snow, go sledding!


Funny Sledding Captions

  • It’s all downhill from here
  • Squads that sled together, stay together
  • Ice, ice, baby
  • We go together like winter and sledding
  • A sleigh ride a day keeps the doctor away!
  • My nose is froze!
  • Does shivering count as exercise?
  • I’ll let this one slide
  • You could say I was mi-sled
  • Just chillin’
  • ‘Tis the season to be freezin’
  • Cold hands, warm heart, can’t lose
  • I only fell off once or twice!

Sledding Puns

  • Just go with the snow
  • Up to snow good
  • It’s been a pretty chill day
  • Let’s get this sled
  • The snow must go on!
  • Freeze the day!
  • With great powder comes great responsibility
  • Ice to see you!
  • It’s snow joke!
  • Stay cool!
  • Say freeze!
  • There’s snowwhere like home
  • Sleigh all day!
  • Brrrrring on the snow!

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sledding captions

sledding captions

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