41 Best Beard Captions Every Bearded Guy Needs

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One beard to rule them all! Hairy situations call for the perfect Instagram captions. These clever beard captions will totally grow on you (please don’t delete us).

Admit it, you love your beard. Let’s face it, everyone loves it. And having a beard saves months off your life! Dr. Herbert Mescon from Boston University calculated that if a teenager starts shaving at the age of 15, then in his 55 years or so years of shaving, he will spend an approximate 139 full days. Think about how much time you can save by throwing out your razor. If you’re obsessed with your facial hair, show off your fuzzy creation with these clever and funny beard captions for Instagram:


Best Beard Captions for Bearded Guys

Bearded men do it better. Flaunt your facial hair selfies with these clever beard captions for Instagram:

  • Real men grow their own scarf
  • Fear the beard
  • Touch my beard and tell me I’m pretty
  • Beard is the new black
  • Bearded guys cuddle better
  • Go ahead, touch it
  • Bearded god
  • Grow what your father gave you
  • Beard lives matter
  • One beard to rule them all
  • Beard life
  • Ginger beard
  • Bald and bearded
  • Just grow it

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Beard Captions for Instagram

No matter your age, a badass beard is a must. When you want to show off your beard, use these catchy beard captions:

  • Beard rule #333: if you touch my beard, I will touch your butt
  • Respect the beard
  • This beard needs a beer
  • Farm hair, don’t care
  • I find your lack of beard disturbing
  • Behind this beard is a handsome man
  • That’s what I do, I grow a beard and I know things
  • Let’s get weird and grow a beard
  • Beard – noun (beerd): a food storage device found on men’s faces
  • With great beard comes great responsibility
  • Beard on board
  • Bearded crew
  • I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the majesty of my beard

Best Beard Captions for Bearded Guys

Grow your beard and your social media following with kick-ass Instagram captions! These funny beard captions will get you all the double taps:

  • Don’t hate me because I’m beardiful
  • Resting beard face
  • I’m sexy and I grow it
  • Bearded for her pleasure
  • My beard is dripping in sarcasm
  • Beard enabler
  • It’s not a beard, it’s a saddle
  • Beards go straight to 3rd base
  • I didn’t like my beard at first, but it grew on me
  • Beards, they grow on you
  • Beer’d
  • Dope beard
  • Horses are cool but have you ever ridden a beard?
  • Rule #425: Men don’t cry, we water our beards

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beard captions beard captions

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