45+ Best New Home Captions & Home Décor Quotes

new home captions

A new home is an amazing accomplishment, and you should share pics with these new home captions and home décor quotes!

Change can be scary, but a new home is so exciting! We know you’ve probably made tons of trips to the Home Depot already (with many more to come) but when you’re ready to share off your new home or apartment with your social media BFF’s, start here! Keep scrolling for funny new home captions and home décor quotes for when you move into your new place.



New Home Captions

  • Where our story begins
  • Our first home
  • A home of our own
  • New home, new beginning
  • Welcome to the oasis
  • Home sweet home
  • Property values just went up
  • Less house, more home
  • New home, new adventures, new memories
  • A roof over our head
  • It’s not just a house, it’s a home
  • Home sweet apartment

Funny New Home Captions for Instagram

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Pottery Barn / IKEA
  • New house, who dis?
  • Buy a house they said
  • Property values just went down
  • There goes the neighborhood
  • New address vibes
  • All good in our new hood
  • Home is where the pants aren’t




Best Home Décor Captions

  • It’s all in the details
  • Happiness is decorating a new home
  • Loving the aesthetic vibes of my house
  • Chill vibes
  • Home is where the heart is
  • Making this house a home
  • There’s no place like home
  • Home is not a place, it’s a feeling
  • Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle
  • Staging my new home
  • A house is made of walls and beams, a home is made of love and dreams

Home Décor Quotes for Instagram

  • “The door handle is the handshake of the building.” – Juhani Pallasmaa
  • “Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.” – Mark Hampton
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  • “The best design projects are the ones where people broke the rules.” – Nate Berkus
  • “Clutter isn’t just the stuff in your closet. It’s anything that gets between you and the life that you want to be living.” – Peter Walsh
  • “The details are not the details, they make the design.” – Charles Eames
  • “I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.” – Elsie de Wolfe
  • “Luxury, to me, is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” – Oscar de la Renta
  • “As we evolve, our homes should too.” – Suzanne Tucker


More Home Quotes for Instagram

  • “Home is where one starts from.” –T.S. Eliot
  • “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill
  • “Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.” – William J. Bennett
  • “One should never be the oldest thing in one’s house.” – Patsy Stone
  • “I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.” – Dorothy Draper
  • “For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” – Andre Putman

new home captions new home captions

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