5 Tips For Writing the Best Instagram Captions [Infographic]

instagram caption tips

We’ve put together five Instagram caption writing tips that are sure to get you ALLL the likes!

It’s possible to get users to “slow their scroll” with an eye-catching graphic. But once they are there, you can get even more engagement with an equally eye-catching caption! Persuasive captions can create more engagement, which is an important factor in Instagram’s algorithm. Despite what you may think, writing the perfect Instagram captions can be super difficult.

The longer someone spends reading your catchy caption, the better your post will rank in the algorithm. But how exactly do you write the perfect caption? Should you use emojis? What about hashtags? Can I ask for likes? How long should captions be? Keep scrolling to learn more!

Why Focus On Instagram Captions?

If you’re managing social media for your business, a catchy caption can help:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Get you seen on the explore page
  • Get more Instagram followers
  • Improve your business sales


If these reasons weren’t enough, captions are an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your audience. Creating beautiful content for your Instagram feed is still so important, but captions can get you more engagement and reach new audiences! The perfect Instagram caption provides context to your photo, adds your personality and has a call to action.

We’ve written many captions for clients in all kinds of niches, from retail to B2B and know from experience what gets the most engagement. Here are 5 tips we’ve learned over the years for writing the best Instagram captions:

writing the best instagram captions

Instagram Captions For You

Don’t feel like writing a caption? We have a whole bunch you can choose from:

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