50 Best Darts Captions for Instagram

darts captions

Whether you’re a competitive darts league player or just like to throw when you’re at the bar for happy hour, these darts captions will get you all the likes!

The much-loved game of darts is played across the world in bars and pubs. Modern darts were first invented in the UK in the 1890’s but date back as a military pastime to the medieval era. This competitive sport now has leagues everywhere. Keep scrolling for catchy, cute and funny darts captions for Instagram:


Best Darts Captions for Instagram

Heading out to throw darts? Capture your best dart match scores on Instagram with these darts captions:

  • Weekend forecast: darts with a chance of drinking
  • I like darts and maybe 3 people
  • Chairman of the board
  • Sorry, I was thinking about darts
  • Aim, shoot, swear, repeat
  • King of darts
  • Just throw it
  • Got darts?
  • Sleep. Dart.
  • Can’t. Darts. Bye.
  • Think before you throw it
  • Shut up and throw
  • One hundred and eighty

Cute Dart Captions

These cute darts captions will get you all the double taps after your next match:

  • I really like darts
  • Darts is always a good idea
  • Queen of darts
  • Aim for the dartboard, not the bullseye
  • I’d rather be throwing darts
  • Peace love darts
  • It’s a darts thing, you wouldn’t understand
  • Darts. Beer. Repeat
  • Born to dart
  • Coffee and darts
  • Come to the dark side, we have darts
  • Darts for days


Funny Captions for Darts

King of darts? Let everyone know! Show off your tight threesome on Instagram with these funny darts captions:

  • I’m sexy and I throw it
  • Show me your tips
  • World’s okayest dart player
  • Happiness is a tight threesome
  • The dartfather
  • She wants the D
  • I’d hit that
  • Oops, I darted
  • Diddle for the middle
  • Dart is my religion, and the pub is my church
  • My drinking has a dart problem
  • Darts takes balls, other sports just play with them
  • Projectile dysfunction
  • Do not touch my darts

More Darts Instagram Captions

Dartist? Don’t play another match without an arsenal of the best darts Instagram captions:

  • Never underestimate an old man with a set of darts
  • Keep calm and play darts
  • No drama, all darts
  • Easily excited by darts
  • It’s darts o’clock!
  • Dart junkie
  • Just don’t miss
  • Life’s a game, darts is serious
  • I like to party and by party, I mean play darts
  • Shoot to thrill
  • Smoke darts, break hearts

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darts captions darts captions

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