50 Best Greek Food Captions for Instagram

greek food captions

Opa! Whether you’re enjoying a gyro, Moussaka or Souvlaki, these Greek food captions are the perfect inspo for your photo.

Known for fresh ingredients and bold flavors, Greek cuisine is the perfect choice for any meal! From tzatziki to spanakopita, Greek foods feature delicious elements like olives, lemon, feta cheese and herbs. Use this list of Greek food captions to show off food on your next trip to Greece or from the Greek restaurant down the block!


Best Greek Food Captions

Enjoying a Greek delight? You’ll want to show off your delectable meal with one of these best Greek food captions:

  • You’re my fava-rite!
  • Be a spanakopita in a world of pies
  • Mediterranean magic with every bite
  • Drop a 🇬🇷 emoji if you love Greek food!
  • Food as beautiful as the view from Santorini
  • Greek food is the best medicine
  • What’s your go-to Greek food order?
  • Tag a friend who needs a Greek food date ASAP
  • Getting ready to embark on a Greek food adventure
  • Opa! Get ready for some delicious Greek food!
  • Living the Greek food life

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Funny Greek Food Captions

Greek food is better when you’re laughing. These funny Greek food captions are the perfect pairing to your next Greek meal:

  • You feta eat your cheese
  • That’s how to Plato your food
  • Life is betta with a little feta
  • Always say yes to Greek food
  • There’s a Greek salad with my name on it
  • I ate some bad moussaka, now I falafel
  • Greek food is a mood
  • Today’s good mood is brought to you by Greek food
  • Olive you so much, Greek food
  • Thessaloniki just ouzos with charm
  • Life is short, eat more Greek food

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greek food quote

Cute Greek Food Captions for Instagram

Enjoying a fan favorite Greek food? You’ll need a cute caption to post with your photos:

  • Greek food is always the answer
  • Powered by gyros
  • Athenian eats and Spartan treats
  • One ouzo a day keeps sorrows away
  • When life gives you lemons, make tzatziki and yell, Opa!
  • Greek food is my love language
  • Having a feta-stic meal
  • I’ll be baklava
  • Greek food is kind of a big deal
  • Ouzo with a view
  • Greek salad life
  • 100% Greek

Short Captions About Food from Greece

Less is more when it comes to Instagram captions, so we’ve put together this list of short captions about Greek food:

  • Olive oil is magic
  • Greek life
  • Baklava bliss
  • Greek food, good mood
  • Herculean appetite
  • Feta late than never
  • I can be your gyro
  • Olive these flavors
  • Feta up with the ordinary
  • When in doubt, go Greek

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greek food quote

Quotes about Greek Food

Celebrity chefs, television personalities and even royalty love Greek food as much as you do! Use one of their quotes about Greek food as your next caption:

  • ”Greek cuisine is a conversation of gestures.” – Nikos Mavroulakis
  • ”Every dish has a story; every bite, a memory.” – Diane Kochilas
  • “Get ready for wine, raki, and getting hand-fed by strangers.” ― Anthony Bourdain
  • ”Greek food is not only delicious; it’s also about celebrating life.” – Tia Mowry
  • “My Mom always cooked healthy. Greek food lends itself to cooking healthy.” – Cat Cora
  • “Part of why I love Greek food so much is that it is simple, but it’s unpretentious. It’s authentic.”― Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark

greek food captions

greek food captions

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