50+ Best Kan Jam Captions for Instagram

Kan Jam captions

Put a new spin on your next Kan Jam game with one of these catchy and fun Kan Jam captions for Instagram.

Kan Jam is the #1 outdoor party game in America! Invented in the 1970’s, this frisbee-based team competition is perfect for backyards, the beach, tailgating or just about anywhere you gather with friends and family. Keep scrolling for Kan Jam captions you can use during your next game:


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Best Kan Jam Captions

Enjoying a friendly game of Kan Jam? You need to focus on your spin and not coming up with the best Instagram captions. Use these Kan Jam captions for all the double taps:

  • Jam sesh
  • It’s Kan Jam o’clock
  • Masters of spin
  • I Kan Jam
  • You gotta spin it to win it
  • I like Kan Jam and maybe 3 people
  • Cover your Kans
  • Just here for the slots
  • Traffic Jam
  • Kan Jam Queen
  • Kan Jam King
  • You spin me right round, baby right round
  • Slots Slots Slots Slots

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Kan Jam Instagram Captions

Champ of the chog? We’ve got you! Use these clever Kan Jam captions to show off your next win:

  • We’re all just chogs in the machine
  • Easily distracted by Kan Jam
  • Kan Jam champ
  • Put a little spin on it
  • I hear what you’re saying, but I just want to talk about Kan Jam
  • Sleep. Kan Jam. Repeat.
  • Peace, love and Kan Jam
  • Just here for the Kan Jam
  • A bad day of Kan Jam is still a good day of drinking
  • I’d rather be playing Kan Jam
  • Don’t kick the bucket
  • Fear the fling
  • Bucket shot

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Funny Kan Jam Captions

The ultimate outdoor game deserves the ultimate funny Instagram captions, right? You’ll get extra likes with these funny Kan Jam captions:

  • Kick their Kans!
  • Less traffic, more Jams
  • Always have a Kan-do attitude
  • I love to win big at the slots
  • Show me your Kans
  • Stop, Kan Jam time
  • Here for the Jam band
  • Kan kicker
  • Drink and fling
  • If you love me let me throw
  • This team makes me drink
  • I’m sexy and I fling it
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of Kan Jam and beer

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Funny KanJam Instagram Captions

Anyone can play Kan Jam but not everyone can win. Whether you can or can’t get it in the slot, use one of these funny KanJam Instagram captions:

  • Drop the hammer
  • Going to spin class
  • Sorry I can’t, it’s Kan Jam season
  • King of the fling
  • Nothing but slot
  • It’s all in the wrist
  • I suck at Kan Jam
  • If you like it, you better put a fling on it
  • Want a little toast with your Kan Jam?
  • All dinged up with nowhere to throw
  • Bucket list
  • World’s okayist Kan Jam player

kan jam captions

kan jam captions

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