50 Best New iPhone Captions for Instagram

new iphone captions

Everyone wants the new iPhone and you’ve got one. Show off your new best friend with these new iPhone captions!

Whether you pre-ordered your new iPhone or waited in line for hours to get your hands on the latest and greatest on release day, you need some captions to show off your new addition. We have the best collection of new iPhone captions for Instagram all in one place. Before you upload your first new iPhone selfie, check our list for all the double taps:


New iPhone Captions

Make some noise with your new iPhone using one of our best new iPhone captions for Instagram:

  • I bought myself a present
  • New phone, who dis?
  • Life isn’t perfect, but your iPhone can be
  • I love new iPhone smell
  • Hey, Siri
  • Apples grow in trees, but some come from the Apple store
  • First selfie on my new iPhone
  • A new chapter begins

  • You can’t be sad with a new phone
  • Welcome to the family
  • Apple squad
  • Adding a new item to my Apple collection
  • Goodbye old iPhone. Hello new iPhone.
  • Me and my iPhone are both limited edition
  • My old phone failed the swimming test
  • I only bought it for the camera

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iPhone 14 Caption

Before you download all your apps from the cloud, show off your new iPhone with these new iPhone captions:

  • I deleted your number from my new phone
  • Alexa, meet my new iPhone
  • In love with my new phone
  • Buh-bye Android
  • New phone problems
  • Out with the old, in with the new
  • Madly in love with my new iPhone
  • Replacement time!
  • Annual Apple upgrade

  • New beginnings
  • I’m keeping the box
  • I bought a new iPhone just to take amazing selfies
  • iPhone squad
  • Remember when phones were just for talking?
  • Finally got a new phone
  • Why don’t they call the iPhone charger Apple juice?
  • I bought it cause I worked hard for it

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Show Off Captions for New iPhone

You know you wanna show off your new baby as soon as possible. Use these captions specifically written for new iPhones:

  • My iPhone is better than yours
  • Work hard, play harder
  • Upgrade
  • Sorry in advance for all the photos that will be coming from my new phone
  • Do I have to take the plastic off?
  • I deserved it
  • Good vibrations
  • Obsessed with my new phone
  • I judge you by your iPhone

  • Passion is the color of my new iPhone
  • Speechless
  • Siri is my best friend
  • The best is yet to come
  • I’d Facetime you but I’m busy setting up my new phone
  • It’s an Apple thing
  • From my iPhone
  • I bought that sh*t

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new iphone captions

new iphone captions


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