50+ Best Paddle Boarding Captions for All Your SUP Instagram Photos

paddle boarding captions

Paddle boarding is great workout, and you can grab some pretty amazing photos while you’re at it. Use these paddle boarding captions for your SUP photos this summer!

There is nothing more peaceful than a day out on a paddle board. Besides a relaxing day on the water, a paddle board promises a good tan, some time to reflect on life and a core workout like no other. Whether you’re paddling in the ocean, a river, or a lake, you’ll take some beautiful photos that you should share with your followers. Keep scrolling for paddle boarding captions for all your SUP photos:


Best Paddle Boarding Captions

Once you get your balance, a day on a paddle board is as relaxing as can be. Use these paddle boarding captions on your next excursion:

  • Keep calm and paddle on
  • The water is calling
  • There’s something so magical about paddle boarding. You get on your board, sit out on the open water, and just let the current take you.
  • Get onboard with unknown adventures
  • You know it’s finally summer when you can get on a paddle board
  • Paddles up
  • Paddle. Glide. Repeat.
  • The only shot I got of me paddle boarding without falling over
  • Life is better on a paddle board

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Paddle Boarding Captions for Instagram

Paddle it out! You should spend your time enjoying the water and not thinking of a catchy caption. Use these paddle boarding captions for Instagram:

  • I’m totally not standing up on purpose
  • Just a day on the water is all I need
  • Paddle to add balance to your life
  • This is my happy place
  • Don’t ask me why I paddle. Ask yourself why you don’t.
  • Give me a summer day in the sun on a paddle board, and I’ll have the best time of my life
  • Paddle life
  • Seek adventure and happiness will follow
  • Note to self: relax
  • The ocean is calling

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Funny Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

Everyone has fallen off their paddle board at least once. Have a laugh with your followers with these funny paddle boarding Instagram captions:

  • I have a board meeting
  • Does this paddle make my board look big?
  • Let’s not talk about how many attempts this photo took
  • Sup?
  • Shocked and confused to learn this is harder than it looks
  • Do whatever floats your board
  • How do people do yoga on these things?
  • Can we photoshop a wave into the background so I can look like I’m surfing?
  • Water you doing on a paddle board on a day like today
  • I like big boards and I cannot lie
  • Don’t make fun of me if I stay seated on this thing the whole day, OK?
  • Forever attempting to just stand up on the paddle board
  • Honestly, I’m just going to use the paddle board as a spot for me to catch a tan
  • Hooked on this. Like, for reels.

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SUP Captions for Instagram

No matter if you’re paddling on a quiet lake or a vast ocean, nothing can beat the view on your board!

  • SUP life
  • Stand up and paddle
  • Ocean dips & paddle board trips
  • Stay salty
  • I’d rather be paddling
  • Life is better on the water
  • Worry less. Paddle more.
  • If in doubt paddle out
  • I am never bored on a paddle board


  • Paddle it out
  • Good times and tan lines
  • Who needs a motor when you’ve got a paddle?
  • Paradise is just a paddle away
  • Paddle boarding is free, a therapist is not
  • I need a good paddling
  • All a girl really needs is a board and some sun
  • Let the sea set you free
  • Time to find my happy place

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