50+ Best Theme Park Captions for Instagram in 2024

theme park captions

When Six Flags is calling your name, you’ll need these clever, catchy, cute and funny theme park captions for Instagram!

A trip to your favorite theme park is a great opportunity for Instagram content. Whether you’re headed to Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags or other amusement park, you should spend more time enjoying the rides than thinking of clever Instagram captions! Secure your phone for the rides and keep scrolling for the best theme park captions that will have your Instagram followers screaming:


Best Theme Park Captions

From the roller coasters to the Ferris wheel, there’s something for everyone at a theme park. Use these theme park captions on your next visit:

  • It’s Six Flags o’clock
  • I can’t live without theme parks
  • Sometimes I wonder if Six Flags misses me too
  • Here for the thrill
  • I survived Action Park, I got this
  • Just one more ride
  • The best things in life mess up your hair
  • Take me to the theme park
  • Support your local amusement park


  • Thrill seeker
  • Born to ride
  • Just here for the fried dough
  • On top of the world
  • I never met a French fry or a Ferris wheel I didn’t like
  • Life is better upside down
  • AGAIN!
  • Joy ride
  • Out of the office

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Roller Coaster Instagram Captions

Ready for the drop? If you head for the roller coasters first, use these roller coaster Instagram captions while you’re waiting in line for the next ride:

  • Certified rollercoaster test pilot
  • Life is better on a rollercoaster
  • This is how I roll
  • Achterbahn freak
  • Roller coaster hair, don’t care
  • Airtime is my happy time
  • Warning: spontaneously starts talking about roller coasters
  • Roller coaster junkie
  • Wait for the drop
  • Walk, wait, SCREAM!
  • The roller coaster life
  • Eat, sleep, coaster, repeat

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More Coaster Captions for Instagram

Get ready to scream! If you’re all about the looping, these coaster captions for Instagram will get you all the likes:

  • Roller coasters make me happy
  • Crazy roller coaster lady
  • You had me at roller coaster
  • Got coasters?
  • I like roller coasters and maybe 3 people
  • Straight outta looping
  • Ride. Inversion. Repeat.
  • Maybe a looping will help
  • I love coasters, they make people cry
  • Just coastin’
  • What goes up must come down
  • Life is like a roller coaster, enjoy the ride

Cute Theme Park Instagram Captions and Quotes

If you have a Six Flags season pass, you’re going to need tons of cute theme park Instagram captions! Use these next time you need some inspo:

  • Relationship status: single rider
  • I’d rather be at Six Flags
  • I wish I was a little bit taller
  • Most expensive day ever
  • Cotton candy lips
  • If lost, you can find me at the cotton candy stand
  • “I see nothing in space as promising as the view from the Ferris wheel.” – E.B. White
  • Big kid at heart
  • If you didn’t take a theme park selfie, did it even happen?
  • Stop the earth from spinning, I want to get off!
  • Find me at the Ferris wheel
  • “I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you’re on it.” – Johnny Depp

theme park captions

theme park captions

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