55 Best Pickleball Captions to Show Off Your Next Dink on Instagram

pickleball captions

Dink pro? If you’re kind of a big dill on the court, we’ve got all the best pickleball captions for you to use on Instagram!

Pickleball is a fun sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. The Sport and Fitness Association named it “the fastest growing sport in America” and it is gaining more popularity every day! Played both indoors and outdoors, the court is a lot smaller than used in tennis and players use a wiffle ball and completely smooth paddle. If you’re obsessed with pickleball, chances are you are sharing your love on social media. Keep scrolling for catchy, clever, funny and cute pickleball captions you can use the next time you play!


Best Pickleball Captions

It’s always pickleball season! Use these catchy captions after your next game to get all the double taps:

  • Pickleball is cheaper than therapy
  • Papa is my name, pickleball is my game
  • It’s pickleball o’clock
  • Fear the paddle
  • Never underestimate an old man with a pickleball paddle
  • Dink shot
  • I like pickleball and maybe 3 people
  • Just one more game
  • Pickleball junkie
  • Can’t hide my crazy, I play pickleball

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More Instagram Captions for Pickleball

If you can’t get enough pickleball, you probably share it with your followers. Use these clever pickleball captions and show off your next dink:

  • If you’re looking for a soft serve, go get ice cream
  • Like normal tennis but cooler.
  • Straight outta courts
  • Dink pro
  • Smash dink win
  • Peace love pickleball
  • You just got served
  • Pickleball legend
  • I’m not obsessed with pickleball, I just play it all the time
  • It’s always pickleball season


Funny Pickleball Instagram Captions

Pickleball champions unite! Stay out of the kitchen and share your pickleball memories for posterity with these funny pickleball Instagram captions:

  • I’m kind of a big dill
  • Day dinking
  • I’m a heavy dinker
  • Designated dinker
  • Got balls?
  • I’m picklish
  • I dink, therefore I am
  • Dink before you act
  • I was told there would be pickles here
  • Great minds dink alike

Funny Pickleball Sayings for Instagram

If pickleball is your therapy, you should spend more time on the court and less time coming up with funny captions. We’ve gathered the funniest pickleball captions in one place:

  • I need a new paddle, this one doesn’t work
  • A day without pickleball is…just kidding, I have no idea
  • I relish pickleball
  • Stay outta the kitchen
  • Baller
  • Retirement drives me to dink
  • I swear I was aiming for your feet!
  • Straight up pickleballin’
  • I play pickleball and I know things


Cute Pickleball Instagram Captions

Dink responsibly! Use these cute pickleball captions after your next game to show off your big win:

  • You either like pickleball or you’re wrong
  • I can’t, I have pickleball
  • Pickleball is my retirement plan
  • Just dink it
  • World’s okayest pickleball player
  • Living that pickleball life
  • I just want to drink coffee, take naps and play pickleball
  • There’s no crying in pickleball

  • My kind of holey day
  • Dink responsibly, don’t get smashed
  • Quit dinkin’ around
  • Pickleball is my racket
  • Life would be boring without pickleball
  • I don’t always play pickleball, wait yes I do
  • Warning: may start talking about pickleball
  • Pickling season

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pickleball captions

pickleball captions

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