60+ Best Burrito Captions for Instagram

burrito captions

It’s only natural to want to share that huge burrito you are about to devour with your followers. Use these burrito captions for all the double taps!

Burritos are beloved around the world! No matter how you roll them, there’s a burrito for every meal… (breakfast burritos anyone?) Whether you’re enjoying a carne asada burrito, a carnitas burrito, pollo asado burrito or any other ingredient, you must share a photo on the ‘gram. Use these best burrito captions for Instagram the next time you hit the burrito stand!


Best Burrito Captions

Burritos are their own food group and as such, they deserve some catchy and clever Instagram captions. We’ve got you covered! Check out these best burrito captions:

  • Life is better with burritos
  • Come see how we roll
  • It’s burrito o’clock
  • Burrito vibes
  • This burrito is mex-ellent
  • There is no problem a burrito can’t solve
  • I like burritos and I cannot lie
  • Livin’ la vida burrito
  • Life is burrito-ful
  • Love is when they know your burrito order by heart
  • Whatever the question, burritos are always the answer
  • The burrito is food’s final form
  • A good burrito is a religious experience

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Mexican Food Captions for Instagram

Mexican food > every other food. Every Mexican meal you eat deserves equal recognition on your Instagram feed. Try this Mexican food captions with your next burrito:

  • Work hard, be nice, eat burritos
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of queso
  • Best-o burrito
  • Brrr-itos
  • The messiest burritos are the best burritos
  • Burritos are life
  • Where you bean all my life?
  • Burrito leftovers are for quitters
  • Powered by burritos
  • Sour cream dream

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  • Love at first bite
  • Bean here, done that
  • Burritos pair well with tequila and poor decision making
  • The only bad burrito is the one you didn’t eat
  • Burritos are my love language
  • If eating burritos is a sport, I’m a world-class athlete
  • Burritos are the best queso scenario
  • Extra cheese please
  • Either you love burritos, or you’re wrong
  • Rice and beans — a match made in heaven

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Funny Burrito Instagram Captions

If you didn’t post a pic, did your burrito even happen? If you are burrito-obsessed, share your latest meal with these funny burrito Instagram captions:

  • Burritos, not burpees
  • Holy guacamole
  • Eat burritos like no one is watching
  • Lime yours
  • A burrito bowl is basically a salad
  • Baeritto
  • They see me rollin…
  • A burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef
  • You’re my best BROritto
  • Seven days without a burrito makes one weak
  • Who needs birthday cake when there are birthday burritos?
  • A burrito’s beauty is more than skin-deep
  • Burritos are what happens when your food hugs itself

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Funny Burrito Captions for Instagram

Burritos are their own food group and as such, they deserve some catchy and clever Instagram captions. We’ve got you covered! Check out these best burrito captions:

  • A balanced diet is a burrito in each hand
  • I’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a burrito
  • Burritos — business on the outside, party on the inside
  • In a relationship with this burrito
  • RBF — resting burrito face
  • A burrito a day keeps the sads away
  • Juan does not simply…not eat a burrito
  • Take a guac on the wild side
  • Mex-i-can have a burrito
  • Burrito baby
  • Soup of the day — burritos
  • Hot sauce is just grown up ketchup
  • Can you be addicted to guac? asking for a friend
  • Love you from my head to my burri-toes
  • Hey guac, let’s take a little walk

burrito captions burrito captions

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