60+ Best NASCAR Captions and Auto Racing Quotes for Instagram

NASCAR captions

Racing life? If car racing is your passion, this huge list of NASCAR captions and auto racing quotes and sayings are just what you need!

The National Association for Stock Car Racing, LLC (NASCAR) is a company best known for stock car racing. It’s not just a sport, it’s a feeling! The roaring engines, the feeling of speed and smell of gasoline are all part of the NASCAR experience everyone should have! If you’re headed to a race, or just watching the Daytona 500 at home, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for NASCAR captions and quotes from drivers and fictional superstar Ricky Bobby that will bring in all the likes:


Best NASCAR Captions

Buckle up, it’s race day! You shouldn’t spend race time thinking of captions. Use these NASCAR captions in your Instagram posts:

  • Start your engines!
  • I’d rather be watching NASCAR
  • Boogity boogity boogity
  • Watch NASCAR and drink beer
  • It’s NASCAR o’clock
  • Weekends, coffee and race day
  • I like NASCAR and maybe 3 people
  • If you want me to listen to you, talk about NASCAR
  • Raisin’ hell, praisin’ Dale
  • Either you love NASCAR racing or you’re wrong
  • It’s race day, y’all

Auto Racing Captions for Instagram

Feel the need for speed? Use these auto racing captions on your next racing post for extra love in your notifications:

  • Racecar spelled backwards is racecar
  • Gone racin’
  • Smoke tires not drugs
  • Weekends are for racing
  • Build it, race it, break it, fix it
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy auto parts and that’s pretty damn close
  • If you ain’t first, you’re last
  • Sorry I can’t, it’s race day
  • Pit crew
  • Go left in a circle
  • On all days, we race. Sometimes we win.


Drag Racing Instagram Captions

If drag racing is more your speed, these racing captions will be the perfect addition to your Instagram posts:

  • Car fuel is my perfume
  • Gas, clutch, shift, repeat
  • Be fast to be first
  • If you want me to listen to you, talk about drag racing
  • This girl loves drag racing
  • Life is too short not to drag race
  • Sleep. Drag race. Repeat.
  • Got drag racing?
  • Don’t be safe, be fast
  • Run your car, not your mouth

Funny NASCAR Instagram Captions

If you can’t get enough of NASCAR, or if you just like the parties that come with it, you and your followers will love these funny NASCAR captions:

  • Racing makes my dick trickle
  • Only here for the food and the crashes
  • The voices in my head tell me to watch NASCAR
  • I’m dropping the hammer
  • Ditch the bitch, let’s go racing
  • Drive it like you stole it
  • In .5 miles turn left
  • Rubbing is racing
  • Speed conquerer
  • I’m not listening to anything you’re saying, the race is on

Quotes from NASCAR Drivers

Gentlemen, start your engines! There are very few sports that you can quote as much as NASCAR. These quotes from famous NASCAR drivers will get your adrenaline pumping:

  • “I feel like I got a pile of cattle chasing my ass, and I’m pedaling as hard as I can to stay in front of ‘em. I’m looking behind me driving like hell.” – Rusty Wallace
  • “Driving a race car is like dancing with a chainsaw.” – Cale Yarborough
  • “Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle.” – Dale Earnhardt
  • “If the lion didn’t bite the tamer every once in a while, it wouldn’t be exciting.” – Darrell Waltrip
  • “Why did I take up racing? I was too lazy to work and too chicken to steal.” – Kyle Petty
  • “I’ve got to win every race.” – Dale Earnhardt
  • “The best way to make a small fortune in racing is to start with a big one.” – Junior Johnson
  • “The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car; it’s the one who refuses to lose.” – Dale Earnhardt
  • “Ya gotta wanna.” – Dick Trickle
  • “Years ago, you used to get out and fight and run around and chase each other with a jackhammer and stuff like that. Those were the good ol’ days.” – Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


Quotes from Talladega Nights For Captions

Strap in! These hilarious quotes, catch phrases and sayings from 2006 movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby are the perfect addition to race day and will have your followers laughing:

  • “I wanna go fast. I wanna go fast.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “I’m going fast.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “I’m just a big hairy American winning machine. If you ain’t first, you’re last.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “I’m the best there is. Plain and simple. I mean I wake up in the morning, I piss excellence.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “Yep, I’m flying through the air. This is not good.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “I’m Ricky Bobby. If you don’t chew Big Red, then f*** you.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “When you work on your mysterious lady-part stuff, you should have the right tools too. So, that’s why you should use Maypax, the official tampon of NASCAR.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “Break it, Pepé Le Pew.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “Help me, Jesus! Help me, Jewish God! Help me, Allah! AH! Help me, Tom Cruise!” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
  • “I feel like I was riding inside an asteroid or a comet or something.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights

NASCAR captions

NASCAR captions

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