65 Best Cheese Captions and Cheese Puns for Instagram

cheese captions

If cheese is life, you must be sharing tons of cheesy pics on your Instagram. Use our best cheese captions and cheese puns for all the double taps!

Cheese is a magical food, isn’t it? With more than 2,000 varieties, it just makes everything better. Whether you love cheddar, American, Brie, Gouda, Provolone or any kind of cheese, a cheesy meal must be shared with your followers. Spend more time enjoying your delicious food and less time thinking of catchy captions, keep scrolling for the best cheese captions and cheese puns for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook:


Best Cheese Captions

It’s pretty easy being cheesy when you have the best cheese captions! Pair these with your next melty meal:

  • It’s cheese o’clock
  • Extra cheese, please
  • Cheese vibes
  • Keep calm and eat cheese
  • Cheese blessed
  • For the love of cheese
  • It ain’t easy being cheesy
  • Say cheese!
  • Living the cheese life
  • You are the cheese to my macaroni
  • Cheese obsessed
  • Life is better with grilled cheese
  • The secret ingredient is always cheese

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Funny Cheese Instagram Captions

Never felt cheddar? We’ve got the funniest cheese Instagram captions to go along with all your cheesy snaps:

  • I cook with cheese, sometimes I even add food to it
  • You can’t make everyone happy, you aren’t cheese
  • Age only matters if you’re a cheese
  • Take it easy, let’s get cheesy
  • Stay fresh, cheese bags
  • “What does fold in the cheese mean?” – David Rose, Schitt’s Creek
  • “You just fold it in!” – Moira Rose, Schitt’s Creek
  • Easily distracted by cheese
  • Cheese slut
  • 100% cheese
  • I just really like cheese, ok?
  • The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

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Cheese Puns for Captions

I’ll melt with you! Cheese puns are a necessity if you’re a cheese lover. Use these cheese puns the next time you’re feelin’ cheesy:

  • Life is grate, cheese makes it better
  • I’m so fondue you
  • As gouda as it gets
  • Cheesus Christ!
  • My favorite genre of music is R&Brie
  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to disa-brie
  • Brie mine
  • Hakuna Ricotta
  • Hey, you’re lookin’ sharp
  • I wheely like you
  • Do the Munster mash
  • Whisper words of wisdom, let it brie
  • You’re the big cheese

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Cheesy Puns for Instagram Captions

Extra cheese, please… we’ve gathered the best cheesy puns for your Instagram captions, just copy and paste:

  • Merry Cheese-mas
  • Anything you can do, I can do feta
  • That’s what cheese head
  • Cheesy rider
  • Life is gouda
  • You’re pretty grate
  • Help me Cheesus
  • That’s nacho cheese!
  • Brie-lieve in yourself
  • Proud to be an American Cheese
  • Forever provolone
  • Curd nerd
  • Puns are not cheesy. They’re gouda.

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Cheese Instagram Captions

Aged to perfection! These cheese captions will pair perfectly with any cheese upload on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook:

  • Royale with cheese
  • The big cheese
  • I like cheese and maybe 3 people
  • Just a girl who loves cheese
  • Feed me mac and cheese and tell me I’m pretty
  • Cheese is life
  • Love comes in many forms: shredded, sliced, melted
  • Smile! Cheese loves you.
  • Make poutine. Not war.
  • Professional cheese cutter
  • When all else fails, CHEESE
  • Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people
  • I want cheese balls
  • Cheesy poof lover

cheese captions

cheese captions

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