75+ Best Axe Throwing Captions and Axe Throwing Puns

axe throwing captions

Just the tip… Our axe throwing captions will get you all the double taps on your next night out!

What was once a fun sport for lumberjacks has now gone mainstream. Axe throwing has been growing in popularity and is a fun event to show-off on your social media feeds. Keep scrolling to save time during your next axe throwing adventure with these 75+ axe throwing captions and puns for Instagram!



Best Axe Throwing Captions

  • “I throw axes too often.” – said no one ever
  • Drink beer. Throw axes.
  • Bullseye
  • Chop chop
  • Lumberjack
  • Axe throwing squad
  • Relax and throw an axe
  • Let’s bury the hatchet
  • Axe throwing addict
  • You had me at axe throwing

Instagram Captions for Axe Throwing

  • Rotate. Swear. Repeat.
  • Cut it out
  • Keep chuckin’
  • Axes > darts
  • Kill shot
  • I’d rather be axe throwing
  • Axe to grind
  • Life is better with axes
  • Axe to grind
  • It’s axe o’clock

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Cute Ax Throwing Captions

  • Got wood?
  • Axe throwing is my superpower
  • Throw like a girl
  • I don’t bury hatchets, I throw them
  • Axe throwing king
  • I live for axe throwing
  • Throw it like it’s hot
  • Feeling extra sharp today
  • Blue balls aren’t always a bad thing
  • I may or may not be wearing a red plaid shirt
  • Living that axe throwing life

More Captions for Axe Throwing

  • This girl loves axe throwing
  • Axe throwing queen
  • I like big axes and I cannot lie
  • My happy place
  • Looking sharp today
  • Stumped
  • On target
  • Woodchoppers
  • Knock on wood
  • First try


Funny Axe Throwing Captions

  • I’m sexy and I throw it
  • World’s okayist axe thrower
  • I’d throw that
  • Just the tip
  • Axe throwing is the bacon of hobbies
  • I love blue balls
  • Sharp objects are my jam
  • I like axe throwing and like 3 people
  • Do I get extra points for wearing Axe Body Spray to axe throwing?

More Funny Instagram Captions for Ax Throwing

  • Blue balls or bust
  • If axe throwing were easy, they’d call it dart throwing
  • Oh, you throw darts, that’s so cute!
  • I’m sorry for what I said when I missed the shot
  • Axe throwing: because murder is wrong
  • Just the axe
  • I only work to support my axe throwing addiction
  • I’d hit that


Axe Throwing Puns for Instagram Captions

  • I must axe you a question
  • Time for axercise
  • Having a kick-axe time
  • I’m an axe-pert thrower
  • Kiss my axe
  • Pain in the axe
  • Wood you mind?
  • Death and axes
  • Nobody likes an axehole

More Axe Throwing Puns

  • Stop staring at my axe
  • Better axe somebody
  • Feeling rel-axed
  • Great axepectations
  • Random axe of kindness
  • How axe-citing
  • Back in axe-tion
  • Check out my axe
  • Axe me what I like to do on the weekends

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axe throwing captions axe throwing captions

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