75 Funny Venmo Captions For All Kinds of Payments

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Cha-chinggg. Next time you make a Venmo or Cash App payment, choose from this huge list of funny Venmo captions!

Who else has been saved by Venmo? Besides conveniently avoiding ATM fees for cash payments, this super-easy way to send money can also be a hilarious social media network! You’ll make your friends (or strangers) giggle when you’re using these funny Venmo captions instead of opting for an emoji:


Funny Venmo Captions

Have a payment to send? Use our funny Venmo captions for some extra likes:

  • Help me, I’m poor
  • Small wiener contest winner
  • Just the tip
  • Last call!
  • Thanks for the hemorrhoid cream
  • Keep the change ya filthy animal!
  • You need a haircut
  • B*tch, I got ya money
  • Forgot to pay you, I was thinking of a clever Venmo caption and got distracted…
  • Out of money experience
  • I really hope this is your account
  • Drained my savings for this
  • Bills bills bills

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Best Venmo Captions

From lunch to a gas fill up, make your friends smile even more with one of our best Venmo captions:

  • A series of unfortunate events
  • Drugs (the CVS kind)
  • Left my wallet at home
  • Because you’re an amazing person
  • I got paid!
  • One day we’ll laugh about this…
  • Penny for your thoughts?
  • I got a job!
  • And now we’re even
  • Diaper money
  • Sorry for not rewinding the VHS tapes

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Funny Venmo Captions for Food

Feed me pizza and tell me I’m pretty… use our funny Venmo captions for your next food payments:

  • Sorry I ate your food
  • You’re the wine beneath my wings
  • Thanks for feeding me when I was drunk
  • I like donuts
  • Because I’m always hungry
  • You have a pizza my heart
  • For the diabetes you gave me
  • Pickles and onion rings
  • Sorry for the spilled coffee
  • I really don’t want to taco ‘bout it
  • Keeping DoorDash in business
  • Wine down Wednesdays
  • I blame it on the beer
  • All the tacos

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Funny Venmo Captions for Friends

Friends don’t let friends have boring Venmo captions. Use our funny Venmo captions for your next latte payment:

  • Just take all my money
  • Weekly friendship fee
  • We are very bad people
  • Girl’s night out
  • Cleaning fee
  • Venmo me for a hug
  • Shut up and take my money
  • I have too much money, you’re welcome
  • A real friend forgets your debts
  • I really hope this is your account
  • You fed me when I was drunk
  • Sorry about last night
  • Thanks for liking all my Instagram pics
  • Paying you to stay away from me
  • For all the relationship advice
  • Thanks for letting me use your Netflix password

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Funny Venmo Captions for Couples

Nothing shows your love more than a Venmo payment. Use one of our funny Venmo captions for couples the next time you’re sending some love:

  • Kissing lessons
  • Love you a latte
  • Just buy me dinner first
  • For my Tinder subscription
  • Relationship advice
  • I got you boo
  • To more adventures
  • Romance is dead
  • Thanks for the lap dance
  • Buying your love
  • Didn’t you say what’s yours is mine?
  • Most expensive date I’ve ever had
  • Cents and kisses

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Funny Venmo Captions for Rent

Paying your rent can be fun with our funny Venmo captions for your next rent payment:

  • Rent in peace
  • Cash loading…
  • I always pay my rent on time
  • Can I live here for another month?
  • The rent is too damn high
  • Don’t say I never gave you anything
  • Illegal apartment rent
  • Please don’t evict me
  • Was last month’s payment not good enough?

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