Best Ramadan Quotes & Ramadan Mubarak Wishes for the Holy Month

ramadan wishes

The most holy month in Islamic culture, Ramadan is a time of fasting, introspection, and prayer for Muslims. These Ramadan quotes and wishes are perfect for your holy month posts.

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a great opportunity for Muslims to purify their mind, body, heart, and soul by fasting and praying to Almighty Allah. Ramadan is a holy month of introspection, fasting and prayer for the followers of Islam. The observance lasts from the sighting of one crescent moon to the next. If you’re fasting during Ramadan, keep scrolling for the best Ramadan quotes and wishes to share during the holy month.


Best Ramadan Wishes

The holy month of Ramadan is about praying to the Almighty, fasting from dawn to dusk and doing charity work. These Ramadan wishes are the perfect complement to your holy month posts:

  • Let’s welcome this Holy month with peace and love. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • May your Ramadaan be blessed (Ramadaan Mubarak) and May Allah accept your good deeds as sincerely done for Him (Taqabbal Allaahu minnaa wa minkum)
  • May Allah shower his countless blessings on believers on the holy month of Ramadan and always
  • Ramadan is the best time to make or break a habit
  • Spend more time in Sujood
  • Ramadan Strengthen your Imaan, heal your heart
  • May Allah give you all the happiness with peace. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • Ramadan is like a rare flower that blossoms once a year and just as you begin to smell its fragrance, it disappears for another year
  • May Allah reward you with the happiness and help us all to protect from devils
  • Thank you, Allah, for giving me and my family everything they needed!

Ramadan Captions About Fasting

Those that observe Ramadan must refrain from eating, drinking, intercourse and other worldly activities from sunrise to sunset. Adults must fast during the holy month, except in special circumstances for those who are sick or wounded.

  • ~O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may learn self-restraint.’ – Quran 2:183
  • In a fast, the body tears down its defective parts and then builds anew when eating is resumed
  • Fasting strengthens control over our appetites, thus contributing to self-mastery.
  • The fasting person in a state of worship as long as he does not backbite
  • The job of fasting is to supply the body with the ideal environment to accomplish its work of healing
  • Prophet Muhammad SAW said: Fasting is shield, it will protect you from the hellfire and prevent you from sins |
  • May Allah accept your fasts and prayers on this Ramadan
  • Ramadan is about losing sins, not weight
  • There’s a hidden sweetness in the stomach’s emptiness
  • The light of the world will illuminate within you when you fast and purify yourself
  • What the eyes are for the outer world, fasts are for the inner
  • Make hunger thy sauce, as a medicine for health

More Ramadan Captions for Wishes

Muslims observe the month of Ramadan by focusing on religion, asking forgiveness for wrong-doings and self-reflection. These captions can be paired with your Ramadan posts:

  • He is the one god, the creator, the initiate, the designer. To him belong the most beautiful names … He is the almighty, most wise. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan!
  • May Allah bless and protect you
  • When you stand up to pray, pray as if it’s your last prayer
  • Every day is Ramadan and the Akirah will be your Eid
  • May you find answers to your prayers
  • Ramadan a chance to build your Imaan
  • Allah always leads us to the journey of our lives
  • Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life. Break free from the deceptions of the world and indulge in the sweetness of Iman.

Quotes About Ramadan

We’ve curated these quotes to share about self-restraint in the beautiful month of Ramadan, plus Ramadan Mubarak quotes:

  • “In Ramadan, you should eat less and think more.” — Tariq Ramadan
  • “There’s a battle going on inside you in Ramadan, and for 30 days Allah gives you the power to win.” — Nouman Ali Khan
  • “It’s a tradition in Islamic society to issue pardons at the end of Ramadan.” — Hooman Majd
  • “Ramadan is one of the doors of mercy flung wide open as an opportunity for soul cleansing.” — Ahmed Rehab
  • “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality.” — Barack Obama
  • “Sometimes you don’t realize how special something is until you lose it. That’s how I feel about Ramadan every year.” — Omar Suleiman
  • “And it is the month of sabr (patience); for sabr the reward is paradise.” — Ibn Khuzaima
  • “Whoever fasts Ramadan out of imaan and the hope of reward will be forgiven his previous sins.” — Ibn Majah
  • “The month of Ramadan is superior to all other months, and the last ten nights are superior to the other nights.” — Ibn al-Qayyim
  • “When you see the new crescent then fast, and when you see it then stop fasting. If it is cloudy then fast thirty days.”— Ibn Majah
  • “If any Muslim comes out of Ramadan without gaining forgiveness and goodness, he is a real loser.”— Ibn Hibban And Al-Tabarani

ramadan wishes ramadan wishes

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